Colour Pencil Drawings


About the artist

James Axon


Growing up in a household that included several dogs, a chipmunk, snakes, sparrow-hawks, buzzards, and an owl that lived on the newel post of the stairs, it was probably inevitable that I would develop an interest in natural history. This manifested itself in an early fascination with insects and other invertebrates and expanded in my teenage years whilst hiking through the mountains of Scotland and Wales. I have also travelled throughout Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the jungles of Borneo.


Although a keen artist from an early age, I didn’t start drawing wildlife until I moved to Canada with my wife and two dogs in 2010.  I am entirely self-taught, working almost exclusively in colour pencil. As a medium it allows me to capture the finest details, the intricacies governed only by the sharpness of the pencil. All my drawings are based on wildlife encounters, and photographs taken whilst walking or travelling. In each artwork I try to reduce the image to the core components, creating a highly detailed drawing within a simple composition that captures the movement or tension inherent in the encounter. According to my wife I fret over every single drawing!

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